Practice Ski Tour

Using this provided template (which is much better formatted when downloaded to your computer, as opposed to being viewed on-line), plan and then go on a ski tour with all of your overnight gear, just as you would plan to bring for the three-day course.
The tour must include at least three thousand vertical feet of ascent and three thousand vertical feet of skiing descent, with at least three separate skinning>skiing segments, and at least one transition from skinning to climbing/hiking (with skis on your pack).
The template includes two examples:
  • An actual overnight ski tour to the summit of Mt Rainier.
  • A hypothetical early-morning "tour" of Wachusett.
Quite a few ski tours in between these two extremes are possible!
Email the initial template to the IOR once you have planned the tour, and then again email the final template to the IOR once you have actually completed the tour.  Note that the final page of the spreadsheet for the completed tour must include some links for pictures and/or videos using, for example, the free Picassa or YouTube services.  (If you don't have Excel, then download the file from Google documents, then upload it to your folder, so that you can edit the new file.)