Course Format & Dates

If you are interested in taking the course, please contact the Instructor of Record by leaving your contact information in the form on the bottom right.

The course format entails a one-day Fall Session at Northfield Mountain MA and a late-winter three-day/two-night Winter Field Session based out of Gray Knob, an RMC hut.

The Fall Session schedule will start with classroom activities (e.g., snow science review, field observations protocols, ropework review, emergency sled construction).  We will then move outside for avalanche beacon and probe line practice, navigational exercises, and a full Search & Rescue scenario (including ropework extrication, first-aid treatment, and sled construction).  During the entire time outside, you will be hiking (both on-trail and off-trail) with your entire pack loaded  up as it would be (including food and water) for the start of the Winter Field Sessions.

The Winter Field Sessions will start at 6:30am on the first day (of three consecutive days), for final gear preparation and discussion of weather and snow conditions, at a to-be-determined inexpensive hotel/motel in Gorham NH.  Given the early meeting time, you are required to stay the previous night at this location, unless you live nearby.  By the time we meet, you should have already eaten breakfast and have you pack ready to go.

We will then drive a short distance to park at Lowe’s Garage & Cabins.  (Note the $2 per night parking fee per car.)  After a very short walk along the road to the trailhead, we will begin our three days of ski touring, taking field observations, and conducting rescue simulations. The two evenings will be taken up with debriefings on the day’s activities and planning for the following day’s activities.

Note that dogs are prohibited from both the Fall Session and Winter Field Sessions. Also, attendance at the course is restricted to enrolled students. Friends, family, etc., are certainly welcome to join in the many recreational opportunities available to the public at Northfield Mountain, but they should not plan on listening in, observing, tagging along, etc. during course activities.