RMC Hut-Based Rescue Plan

Prepare a winter rescue plan for the RMC (and email it to the IOR).  Pretend that just as in the summer, both the Gray Knob and Crag Camp huts are staffed.  Also pretend that Stearns Lodge is staffed.  But respect the Northern Presidential realities that winter weather is often too difficult to allow for helicopter rescues, that the hiking trails are too difficult for snowmobiles to get very far, and that the Mount Washington Auto Road is too far away to be of any help.

Elements to include:
  • A marked-up map showing potential avalanche terrain, rescue gear caches, and continuously staffed locations.
  • What level of training should potential rescue staff have? 
  • What equipment will staff be required to have with them at all times?
  • Who will make the decision on whether the slope is safe for rescuers?
  • Very simplified diagram applying the organizational structure you learned in your FEMA ICS course.
Be prepared to provide a brief oral presentation on the key points of your rescue plan and bring two printed copies on the tour.