Student Checklist

Actions to be completed by one month prior to the Fall Session:
  1. Provide proof of an Avalanche Level 1 course.
  2. Provide proof of an NSP MTRF or MTR1 course (or equivalent training and/or experience).
  3. Complete all items on the Avalanche Level 1 student checklist.
  4. Complete all the items on the Western Mass MTR1 student checklist.
  5. Read The Avalanche Handbook (skip Chapter 10) and SWAG (skip 2.7.5, 2.7.6, 2.8, 2.9-2.10.2 except for 2.9.5 & 2.9.6, 3.7-, and all appendices except for Table G.1) then complete the Level 2 review quiz and email to IOR.
  6. Complete "Snowpack and Its Assessment" on-line course and email certificate to IOR.
  7. Complete snow profile assignment and email to IOR.
  8. Complete gear checklist and email to IOR.
Actions to be completed by one month prior to the Winter Field Sessions:
  1. Complete assignment for terrain assessment and tour plan.
  2. Complete rescue plan assignment.
  3. Plan and then go on a ski tour with all your overnight gear.
  4. Construct a snow shelter and spend a night in it.
  5. Construct an emergency sled and transport a "patient" across a short distance on snow.